Sunday, February 27, 2011

The importance of Dhikr (Remembering our Lord, Saviour, First and Last Resort

Importance of Dhikr

Dhikr is very important in Islam. Dhikr means that one remembers the lord Allah by this you are showing your lord that you have not forgotten him. After all he does so much for us it is because of him that we have food and shelter and also thanks to him that we have all these worldly possessions that we value so much. Also remembers the one go gives can also take it is by his mercy that he gives you everything that you require, everything you need so the least we can do is remember who gave us all these possessions. But even though Allah give us all these things that still means that we should remember him because if you remember him and ask him for thing and he being a merciful lord grants you these item but it turns out that upon receiving these items you forget him he will easily take back what he gave. There are other benefits to Dhikr then just to get item that concern worldly affair it is said that by doing Dhikr your heart will find peace your life will become better you will see things turn around. You will be happy most of the times your work will be better when you return your family will also better. It is also said that if you turn away from Allah you forget him you are a loser and those who don't do Dhikr are clearly on the wrong path. The most powerful part is that no matter if you do Dhikr or not whether you remember Allah or not you might realize once a week or once a month that it is him who gave you all these comforts. You might remember him once a week or month but he always remember you. Also there are also many other benefits for you and when one enters Jannat ( paradise) he remorse over how much time he could have spent doing Dhikr of Allah our merciful and beloved lord.


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