Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Six most important Faith in our religion

The Six Faiths

There are 6 faiths in Islam. They are the following one must believe that there is only one god and creator and that is Allah, next is having faith in Allah’s angels that they do exist and that they try to glorify him and do as he requests. The third faith one must have is one must believe in Allah's scriptures all the books he has sent down you must believe in every single one of them, next is to believe in the prophets that descended upon us. That they should be our role models and were the best of humanity, Allah sent them to guide us show us the right path. The fifth faith is that Allah is in total control of everything he decided what is good and what is bad and should have total faith in him. Lastly the day of judgement that one day everything will come to an end and this will be a day of reckoning when all your good and bad deeds are added up and will be judged how well you spent your time on earth. So my brothers and sisters these are the six important faiths that you must have as a Muslim and are very important in Islam and to be the best that we can be as Muslim's we must have complete faith in these six faiths. Each of these faiths are very important and they symbolize many things for example if you have complete faith in the scriptures means that you have complete faith in the Qu’ran and if you have complete faith in the prophets then you have complete faith in the beloved prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and also that he the perfect role model as the closest thing as the perfect human being and that we should follow his example and only then we can be the best we can be.


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